History of Bromsgrove Concerts

Bromsgrove Concerts is justly proud of its more than 50 years of history. This has been summarised in a Time Line by one of our Committee members, Jim Croft.

The most recent history has been collected via the previous website.
Get a resumee of the Combined Series from 2005, Friday Series from 2001, Mixing Music from 1997, details of the Bartok weekend in October 2004 and the Maggini Quartet The Glory of the English String Quartet in May 2004, and 'The First Forty Years' - an essay by Vice President Jim Page

(thanks to Andy Dix)

Commissions and First Performances

Bromsgrove Concerts has commissioned many works over the years funded by various bodies and individuals. There have also been works specially written for Bromsgrove Concerts, and other first performances. Look at a table of some of these collected on the previous website

(thanks to Andy Dix)