Welcome to our New Ticketing System

This enables you to order tickets (Subscriptions, Rovers and for Individual concerts) on our website

You can pay for them by Cheque, by Bank Transfer or by Credit/Debit card

(Please note: if you go away for a long time during this process, the session will 'time out' and any values you might have entered will be forgotten.)


Please fill in this form to identify you uniquely. Note that highlighted fields are required - the Next button will be greyed out and disabled until these values have been provided.

Please enter your postcode using upper case letters and include the space. We need a phone number so that we can notify you at short notice if a concert has to be cancelled.

Only fill in the Address Summary field if you are new to Bromsgrove Concerts or have moved house recently, and have not received a printed leaflet from us.

We encourage you to give your email address as it opens another communication channel. (See our Data Protection Policy document if you have concerns about its use.)

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